We Stand Behind our Coffee

We select the highest quality coffee at its peak of perfection from all over the world to bring all the goodness straight to your cup.

We Care About Giving Back

Fairland Coffee donates a portion of its proceeds to support environmental and social charities.

Brewing the Perfect Cup:

For the best results, grind your coffee within 15 minutes before you plan to start brewing. Start with cold crisp filtered water and add in a about two tablespoons per six ounces of water, more or less depending on your strength preference.

Coffee Storage:

When you’re not brewing your Fairland cup make sure you’re storing your coffee in a nice cool airtight container that does not have any direct exposure to the sun. We recommend a dark mason jar. The fridge and the freezer are also not ideal places for storage, contrary to popular belief. You don’t want your beans exposed to any moisture or absorbing the flavors from your other food. A nice snug spot in your pantry or cupboard will do just fine.

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