Are you looking for a unique spiritual ornament that is a beautiful decorative piece for the home also communicates the values and teachings you hold dear? Then look no further because this Elk antler cross combines decor with spirituality in the most beautiful way possible.
With rustic styling, this cross features elk antlers that form a crucifix. Put it above the door in any room of the house or mount on a wall. Perfect for all denominations including Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, Evangelical and more, this unique and superbly crafted deer antler cross is for all of us who worship the Lord and live our lives by his teachings.
Whilst the elk antler makes it a visually striking piece, the main element is the inscription. It is the biblical passage Joshua 24:15. It reads, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Having this elk antler in your home is a reminder that we follow the path of God and let Him light our path. Spiritual decorative piece likes this elk cross remind us of who we are and how we want to live our lives. Crucifixes like this give us the compassion, courage and energy to live in God’s image.

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